Everything You Need to Know About the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10

View of three Galaxy Fold smartphones standing on table

Everything You Need to Know About the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Microsoft Store: For the first time ever, Microsoft will allow you to pre-order the Note 10 and sell the new Note 10 devices across all its stores, online and in-person.

Samsung announced a lot of new things last night. "Many users will want the pen but want the smaller, 6.3-inch display". At $950, it's also 50 bucks cheaper.

The new Galaxy Book S may have resolved some of those issues; the Snapdragon 8cx processor, built with a 7-nanometer manufacturing process, will offer an 80 percent performance boost in graphics over the Galaxy Book2, according to Samsung's claims.

The Galaxy Note10 comes in two sizes, so consumers can find the Note that's best for them.

It doesn't have more RAM though, as both phones come with up to 8GB of the stuff - though in the Note 10's case all models have 8GB, while the Note 9 is also available with 6GB.

The do-everything spirit of the Galaxy Note remains intact.

Along with EE, Three Mobile has also announced it will be stocking the new Note which will be available today in Aura Glow and Aura Black. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus price is $1,099 (£999) SIM-free for the 256GB version. (They followed a similar strategy of stratification, with S10e, S10, and S10+ models at three price points.) Most strikingly, the Note10 and 10+ both have the Super AMOLED displays that Samsung calls Infinity-O, which stretch from edge to edge on the sides and almost so on the top and bottom. "The Tab S6 also has facial recognition and an optical in-display fingerprint scanner as its forms of biometric unlocking, as it gets rid of the fingerprint scanner present in the Tab S5e". While it doesn't contain the built-in camera that had been widely reported, it does contain a 6-axis sensor, including a gyro sensor and acceleration sensor, and new "Air Actions", which allow the user to control the phone with gestures from a distance. "Our exclusive version of the Galaxy Note10+ 5G that will tap into both low and mid-band 5G spectrum will break 5G from the confines of urban centers and help unlock 5G for all with the New T-Mobile", said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a statement Wednesday.

The smaller Note10 nearly feels like a miniature model.

Another big feature of the S Pen this year is the ability to take your hand drawn notes and turn them into digital text so that you can export them to other places, all from the device and without having to retype everything you just wrote down. Like tablets and other mobile devices, the laptop is fanless and meant to run quiet.

If you were hoping for a massive battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you're going to be disappointed, as it has just a 3,500mAh cell. Samsung also ditched the Bixby button. It's sleek and easy to use, even without the included S-Pen.

As with previous year, the S Pen's integrated capacitor charges rapidly when you drop it in the slot on the phone.

Users can customize the S Pen's controls to play games or launch applications using gestures without touching the screen. Handwritten notes can now be converted into typewritten Microsoft Word documents, complementing the phone's greater PC connectivity. There is even a cool AR Doodle app, which lets you doodle in AR - it is insanely fun and works brilliantly.

Videographers and gamers continue to be core constituents for the Note line.

Outlook also has new features for Samsung devices. They also have the thinnest version yet of the vapor cooling system that's created to boost the performance of high-end games.

Samsung's Galaxy Book S is a premium, ultra-portable laptop.

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