Hong Kong airport cancels all departures

Hong Kong airport cancels all departures

Hong Kong airport cancels all departures

The central government in Beijing and authorities in Hong Kong have characterized the demonstrations as illegal, unauthorized assemblies because many were not granted police approval.

Protesters hold up placards that read "HK Police attempt to murder HK citizens" as they take part in a sit-in protest at the arrival hall.

Meanwhile, Ly and her mother Fan said that they believe they'll be able to board a flight on Tuesday - but a lot depends on how the protests develop.

A protester hides her right eye during an occupation of Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport after a protester was hit with a rubber bullet.

"In recent days, Hong Kong's radical protesters have repeatedly attacked police with highly risky tools, which constitute serious violent crimes and have started to show signs of terrorism", said a spokesperson for the Chinese government on Monday. Some of the protesters later went to different places all over Hong Kong and blocked main roads and thoroughfares, besieged police stations and damaged police vehicles. "Hong Kong has reached an inflection point where all those who are concerned about Hong Kong's future must say "no" to law breakers and "no" to those engaged in violence".

Hogg specifically warned employees not to join actions being staged at the airport, where protesters gathered again Monday.

Volleys of tear gas were fired inside at least two mass transit stations, exposing both protesters and bystanders to the noxious gas. The group also speculated that police would shed all responsibility for the violence by claiming that their actions were the result of "escalated behaviors" by the protesters, and questioned how long the police will continue to act this way or be held accountable for their actions.

The protest movement's demands also include the resignation of the Chinese territory's leader and an election for her successor.

British Airways canceled its two daily flights out of Hong Kong as the protests made it impossible to check in customers.

His comments in a memo to employees seen by the AP came just hours before the Hong Kong airport announced it was shutting down and canceling the day's remaining flights after thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators occupied the main terminal.

"Another factor is that the 1% in Hong Kong have been enriching themselves at the expense of the 99% in a way very similar to the United States, so that people at the top have gotten richer, people at the bottom have gotten poorer".

Hong Kong police have repeatedly promised to look into the reports of police brutality.

Hong Kong is the world's busiest air cargo port and the eighth busiest by passenger traffic, handling 73 million passengers a year.

Hundreds of people returned on Monday to the scene of some of the clashes to protest against the use of force.

This weekend was the 10th weekend in a row that demonstrators have protested a proposed new bill that would allow extradition to mainland China from Hong Kong.

Scantlebury and her brother, Julian, grew up in Hong Kong but study in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively.

China's aviation regulator has issued new rules requiring that it submit lists of staff flying to the mainland or through its airspace and banning those involved with "illegal protests" in Hong Kong.

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