Perseid Meteor Shower peaks tonight

Dan Little | BDN

Dan Little | BDN

The Perseid meteor shower displays fast and bright meteors leaving a long trail of light behind, which is clearly visible by the naked eye.

Up to 100 meteors per hour could shoot across the sky tonight.

Can you watch the Perseids meteor shower in the United Kingdom tonight?

Yet despite the promising weather this year's Perseids will not be at their best because of the bright Moon in the sky.

The Perseids occur as a result of Earth passing through the path of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle as it orbits the sun.

August 12 midnight to the next early morning of August 13.

According to the museum, the best time to observe the Perseids, one of the three biggest annual meteor showers, is from 2 a.m. until just before dawn on Wednesday (Aug. 14).

And, if for some reason you miss this shower, don't fret: the Geminid meteor shower, in December, also serves cosmic gymnastics that move at lightening speeds through the sky.

Cloudy skies and a bright moon will combine to make it hard, if not impossible, to see the Perseid meteor shower tonight.

After the Perseids, stargazers will need to wait until October for the next opportunity to watch a meteor shower.

Monday night's sky over Ottawa is expected to have some cloud, and Boyle says the nearly-full moon may overpower some of the smaller meteors.

NASA explains that, on the night of the peak (12-13 August), you will probably only have a few minutes of dark sky between moon set and twilight, which means there won't be much time to see the Perseids. The Watch began on August 6 and will continue until August 19.

Perseids are named after the son of Perseus from the Greek mythology as they hail from the constellation of Perseus.

NASA will live stream the Perseid shooting star show from its Meteor Watch Facebook page, found HERE.

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