Raiders WR Antonio Brown in "breach of contract" over helmet issue

The football future of Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is in doubt

AP The football future of Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is in doubt

The specific helmet Brown wants to wear, is over 10 years old.

Antonio Brown has been the center of attention this offseason, and that hype followed him once he arrived in Napa for training camp in a hot air balloon.

The all-pro WR enlisted the help of millions of fans by taking to social media and offering a signed practice worn helmet if they can locate a helmet under 10 years old. Nfl policy is that Helmets have to be certified by NOSCAE.

Add this to the drama surrounding the mysterious foot ailment keeping Brown from practicing, which reportedly stemmed from frostbite after using a cryotherapy machine without proper footwear. "I'm excited about this season [and] appreciate all the concerns about my feet". Brown pushed the issue in a way never before seen, which included attempting to sneak his original helmet onto the practice field on multiple occasions - driving an early wedge between himself and the Oakland Raiders in the process.

Just after it was released that the arbitrator decided not to allow the older style of helmet, Brown took to his twitter account, where he states that he's going to rejoin his teammates on the field after getting back to full health. "It doesn't make any sense".

Brown, meanwhile, is reportedly expected back at the Raiders' facility today.

"I support this guy". "My last helmet, I wore in four Super Bowls, so it was a pretty great helmet for me, and I hated to put it on the shelf, but that was what they said to do, so I'm dealing with it and working with something else". I won't be surprised if Brown's foot injury now lingers much longer than first anticipated. It was a total accident. I know that some people are [joking about] it, but it's really not a laughing matter.

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