Son brings Vietnam War fighter pilot's lost remains home to Texas

Remains of Vietnam War Pilot Flown Home by His Pilot Son; Airport Pays Silent Tribute

Vietnam War pilot's remains flown home to Texas by his son, a pilot

Southwest Airlines Captain Bryan Knight (R) is seen on the tarmac after flying his father back home to Dallas Love Field on August 8, 2019, for the final time more than 50 years after he was killed in action during the Vietnam War in 1967.

Col Knight flew combat missions nearly daily until he was shot down in 1967. His son Bryan, who flew his father home on Thursday, was born in France during this period, while his father was stationed in Toul-Rosieres.

- A Southwest Airlines pilot landed at Love Field Thursday morning after an emotional flight. In February, his remains were uncovered. Once they were identified, it was arranged for Knight to be returned to the United States, Proskow said. Col. Knight, an A-1E fighter pilot with the US Air Force, was shot down a few months later.

The airport employees announced the story over the intercom and handed out American flags to travelers waiting at the gate, Proskow tweeted.

Pictures show passengers crowding around the terminal windows, noses pressed up to the glass to watch Col Knight arrive. "In another post, he said", Incredible moment to watch. "The entire airport fell silent".

My sister and I had to go to school that day, "recalled Roy Knight, who shares his father's name".

According to his obituary, Knight was accepted for his pilot training in Laredo back in 1957.

Knight was with the 602nd Tactical Fighter Squadron and leading a strike mission in Laos when his plane was shot down in May 1967.

USA Today reported that Knight was shot down in 1967 while attacking a target on the Ho Chin Minh trail in Laos. He was declared missing, and officially presumed dead in 1974.

Mr Proskow wrote on Twitter: "As we wait at the gate, we're told that Captain Knight is coming home to Dallas". During that time, he was promoted to colonel.

"Our Southwest Airlines family is honored to support his long-hoped homecoming and join in tribute to Col. Knight", the airline said in a statement, "as well as every other military hero who has paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces".

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