Trump's national security advisor John Bolton meets Boris Johnson

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The UK Will Introduce New Immigration Rules

Bolton told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that President Donald Trump wants to see a successful British exit from the European Union on October 31 and that Washington will be ready to work fast on a U.S. -UK free trade agreement.

"We just ask that, as issues come up, we resolve them individually and we reserve the time to have a larger conversation on some of these important issues at a moment that is really right for the new government".

Johnson's spokesman said the Britain wanted the Hong Kong government to engage with all parties in constructive dialogue.

Bolton said it was an honor for him to meet with Johnson. "People say they are asleep but I can assure you that they are highly professional and they are ready", he said.

The US would also like the UK's backing in declaring the Iran nuclear deal dead, the official explained, though the official wouldn't explicitly say if Bolton will ask the United Kingdom to formally exit the deal with Tehran.

But Bolton hopes to find a more friendly audience on the topic from the Johnson government.

They said this was a "very nuclear option" that would only be tried as a last resort, given the risk that this approach could backfire and lead to an election after a no-deal Brexit.

Labour has suspended all travel in early September in a move that appears to confirm that Jeremy Corbyn will attempt to bring down the Government within days of MPs returning from summer holidays. A report in the Times this morning, citing a "leaked strategy document", indicate that MPs are drawing up plans to force PM Boris Johnson to give up his hardcore stance to leave the European Union on October 31st come what may.

Speaking following a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a visit to London, Mr Bolton said the U.S. could focus on certain sectors like manufacturing and car-making where the two countries may agree, and work out more complicated areas later.

Told UK officials were not here to pressure you on this.We want to be helpful on Brexit.

Britain, one of three European partners to the deal along with Germany and France, has so far backed the EU in sticking with the accord known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

"I'm happy to work with anybody - male or female, I have to say - to try to stop Brexit, in particular to try to avoid a no-deal Brexit, which I think would be really, really damaging", the Scottish First Minister said, during an appearance on ITV's Loose Women.

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