Android 10 launches today for Google Pixel phones

Android 10

Android 10 launches today for Google Pixel phones

The operators refer to Android 10 as "Android Q" or "Q OS" given the build was known as Q for so long.

Earlier today, Google released stable Android 10 to the Google Pixel family. The company is introducing a new thing called Google Play System updates that will allow the company to deliver security patches directly to users from Google Play, without mobile carriers and phone makers being involved. However, according to Essential, only select owners of the unlocked model are receiving the update today. Android now has a system-wide dark mode, for one, which should ease the strain on your eyes and on your Pixel's battery.

What's new in Android 10?

Native support for foldable devices. The new Google Android version will be available there for you to download and install.

Dark mode. Finally! Android 10 has a built-in, system-wide dark theme - flawless for using your phone in low light.

Android is the most dominant mobile operating system in the world, powering nearly nine out of every 10 smartphones shipped globally. Android 10 can suggest contextual actions in notifications, including smart replies for texts and instant messages, or opening a map when an address shows up. However, you can opt-out of this if you want.

Live Caption - Videos are automatically captioned, allowing users who are hard of hearing to understand what is being said even if they can't hear it clearly. By contrast, 88% of Apple's iPhones and other devices are on the most recent version of its operating system, iOS 12.

We're looking forward to thoroughly testing Android 10 on our Pixel phones (hopefully, we'll have a review published soon).

Google's Android 10 is rolling out today in a matter of hours, and the firm has just redesigned its main Android website to reflect that. The original shipped with Nougat and has seen updates to Oreo and Pie before the latest move to Android 10.

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