Apple is reportedly developing in-screen Touch ID for the next iPhone

iPhone SE revival rumored for 2020 as Apple looks to reclaim market share

Apple Could Launch 4.7-inch Budget iPhone SE in Spring 2020

This is low-priced iPhone SE replacement will reportedly feature a 4.7-inch LCD display, and will in all probability pack in the same components as the new iPhones, which could also include the A13 SoC expected in this year's lineup.

Part of this is of course some uncertainty as to what the new iPhones will include - despite the many, many rumours leading up to an Apple event, nothing is carved in stone until the new iPhone actually takes the stage. "The model will share most of the same components with the flagship iPhones this year, and it will feature the lower-cost liquid crystal display that will help Apple achieve the lower starting price-tag, although the final pricing for the model is not yet settled", the report goes.

Amongst this sales decline, the arrival of a low-priced phone people have been yearning for can certainly boost Apple's numbers. Whereas 18% of respondents expressed interest in a $1,200 5G iPhone a few months ago, Olson's new survey found that that figure rose to 23% in September.

To combat sluggish market performance this year, Apple cut prices for its premium handsets in developing markets, which was somewhat effective: discounting the iPhone XR increased sales by 20 million in China, though Apple sales suffered an overall shortfall in the region.

By contrast, Samsung now has a solid mid-range Galaxy A series lineup with prices ranging between $180 and $600. Some people prefer the fingerprint sensor's familiarity, and the last model that supports it is the iPhone 8.

Recent estimates of iPhone shipments put year-over-year declines at between 11% and 15%, suggesting that despite its trade-in promotions for the iPhone XR, consumers feel its current line-up is too expensive. While this iPhone will have the same internals as the iPhone 11 series, it will feature a cheaper LCD display. New iPad models are expected to be available in October.

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