Big bad Iran: Bibi Netanyahu is at it again!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of having a previously undisclosed site aimed at developing nuclear weapons that it destroyed once the facility was detected

Big bad Iran: Bibi Netanyahu is at it again!

In fact, both the United Nations and global nuclear watchdog the IAEA said Tehran had abided by the terms of the deal, struck after years of intense negotiations.

Mr Netanyahu, a fierce critic of the global nuclear deal with Iran, says Tehran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, a charge Iran denies. During a dramatic press conference earlier today, the Israeli Prime Minister revealed the existence of the site, located at Abadeh in central Iran. "When Iran realised that we uncovered the site... they destroyed the site.

They just wiped it out", he added, explaining that the facility was discovered based on records that Israel seized from an Iranian nuclear warehouse early past year in a raid during which Mossad agents spirited out of Iran a "half-ton" of nuclear documents. Photos from June 2019, after Israel discovered the site, show that it has been eradicated in what appears to be an attempt by Iran to hide the site from public view. They just wiped it out.

He added: "Here they conducted nuclear experiments for nuclear weapons. They destroyed the evidence or at least tried to destroy the evidence", he said.

"I call on the global community to join President Trump's sanctions to exert more pressure on Iran", Netanyahu said in a statement following the disclosure. "We will continue to expose your lies".

Netanyahu's comments followed a Reuters report revealing that the International Atomic Energy Agency found traces of uranium at a different site in Iran that the Israeli leader had first pointed to during a speech previous year at the United Nations.

"It's not Iran that needs to be brought back into the fold. everybody needs to re-commit, both sides have legitimate issues", Khouri notes, "the critical thing is to make sure that anything that is discussed is sanctioned by worldwide law, they can't have a negotiation that is defined by what Donald Trump or Mike Pompeo wants, that wouldn't go anywhere because Iranians would refuse it". This is the site after they understood that we were on to them.

The IAEA on Monday told Tehran there is no time to waste in answering its questions, which diplomats say include how traces of uranium were found at a site that was not declared to the agency.

These developments arrive on the heels of recent reports that Iran has stopped cooperating with the IAEA's nuclear inspectors who provide oversight on the Islamic Republic's weapons program.

He called the base a "secret atomic warehouse" - saying it had housed unspecified radioactive material that had since been removed.

Before concluding the press conference, Netanyahu urged the global community to exert "pressure, pressure and more pressure" on Tehran and to support U.S. President Donald Trump's sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

It also said Iran was starting to follow through on its pledge last week to further breach its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, this time installing more advanced centrifuges and moving towards enriching uranium with them, which the deal bans.

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