Canadian dollar lower after Trudeau calls Oct 21 election

By Canadian Press	
	 		The politics of abortion why the parties are talking about it in the campaign				Sep 10 2019

By Canadian Press The politics of abortion why the parties are talking about it in the campaign Sep 10 2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday met with Governor General Julie Payette, the acting head of state, who formally gave her blessing for the launch of a six-week federal election campaign.

It didn't take long for Quebec's contentious law banning religious symbols in its public service to emerge as an issue in the federal election campaign.

Trudeau swept into office with a host of progressive policies framed himself as a champion in the fight against climate change during his first four-year term, while his top adversary, Andrew Scheer, has pledged to roll back a federal carbon tax as his first act in office if elected. Articles appear on for a limited time.

After making the announcement, Mr Trudeau left for Vancouver, British Colombia, where he will hold a campaign rally later on Wednesday (local time).

"Canadians have an important choice to make", Trudeau said.

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh returns to the same Goodwill Centre where he co-hosted an evening town hall on health care with London-area hopefuls on Tuesday night to offer his on-the-spot response to the dropping of the writs, which, the advisory notes, will begin "as soon as the Liberal leader is finished".

Haunting Trudeau on the trail will be the SNC-Lavalin scandal, given fresh life this morning after the Globe and Mail reported the RCMP's investigation into potential obstruction of justice in the matter has been stymied by the shroud of cabinet confidence.

"I'm confident that people will see in us champions who want to put them at the centre and the heart of everything we do". "Quebecers can only rely on us, Bloc members of Parliament will always be powerless spectators". A Conservative win would be significantly CAD-positive and a Liberal minority supported by the NDP would be negative.

Only one party - the Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer - has a full candidate roster with representatives in each riding.

At the dissolution of Parliament, the Liberals hold 177 seats, the Conservatives 95, the NDP 39, the Bloc 10 and the Greens 2. Five seats were vacant.

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