Huge crowd takes protest message to US consulate in Hong Kong

Protesters waves United States flags and placards during a protest in Hong Kong

Protesters waves United States flags and placards during a protest in Hong Kong

Protesters in their Sunday march appealed to President Trump to "stand with Hong Kong" and ensure Congress passes a bill that proposes economic sanctions and penalties on Hong Kong and China officials who are found to be suppressing democracy and human rights in the city.

Protesters - majority clad in black shirts - chanted "Resist Beijing, Liberate Hong Kong" and "Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom", as they waved American flags. The Trump administration has been reluctant to directly intervene in the Hong Kong showdown, beyond urging Beijing to show restraint.

President Trump has called for a peaceful resolution to the political crisis in Hong Kong and urged China against escalating with a violent crackdown.

Earlier, a huge crowd of pro-democracy activists marched to the United States consulate in Hong Kong in a bid to ramp up global pressure on Beijing following three months of huge and sometimes violent protests.

The government of Hong Kong, in southern China, on Monday condemned foreign interference in its internal affairs and the support given by legislators from other countries to violent protests that disrupt daily life in that region. 'Please support us in our fight'.

China's media campaign against protests is a sign that Hong Kong youth have hit the mark.

Activists set barricades, smashed windows, started street fires and vandalised the MTR metro station in Central, the smartest district of the former British colony.

Protesters wave US flags and shout slogans as they march from Chater Garden to the US Consulate in Hong Kong Sept. 8 2019
Protesters wave US flags and shout slogans as they march from Chater Garden to the US Consulate in Hong Kong Sept. 8 2019

"If we are in a new Cold War, Hong Kong is the new Berlin", he said in a reception space a stone's throw from the Berlin Wall on the roof of the Reichstag building, which for decades occupied the no-man's land between Communist East Berlin and the city's capitalist western half. They eye patch is a reference to a protester injured during demonstrations.

The airport, the world's eighth busiest air hub, has been a frequent target during a summer of protests sparked by an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory to be sent to the mainland to face trial.

Anti-government protests have continued throughout the city despite Chief Executive Carrie Lam last week formally withdrawing the controversial extradition bill that had triggered the three-month-long crisis.

It should be pointed out "Wong" is anxious about what might happen if Hong Kong approves policies which go against USA interests.

In a separate incident on Sunday, police lobbed a teargas grenade at a group of mostly reporters from inside a subway station without warning, scorching the press vest of an Australian photojournalist, Jared Stone, after it exploded. It has denounced the protests, accusing the United States and Britain of fomenting unrest, and warned of the damage to the economy. Protesters set fire to debris and were chased off by police officers using pepper spray. He has said he believes the US trade war with China is making Beijing tread carefully. One reporter was injured when a Hong Kong police officer nearly casually tossed a tear gas bomb.

The protests have presented Chinese President Xi Jinping with his greatest popular challenge since he came to power in 2012. Meanwhile, pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was arrested for breaching bail conditions on his return home from a trip to Taiwan. In addition to getting daily notices from the university, there are also various protocols set up for students, said Julio Burgos, a junior economics major overseas in Hong Kong.

"Traditionally, these bills targeting specific countries, they are developing countries, with dictators in those countries", said Felix Chung, a pro-Beijing lawmaker who traveled as part of a delegation of Hong Kong lawmakers last month to Montana to meet with congressmen and senators.

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