NASA's lunar probe is going to photograph the Indian moon lander today

ISRO keeps close watch as NASA's lunarcraft flies above Chandrayaan-2's lander Vikram today

NASA's lunar probe is going to photograph the Indian moon lander today

The name of this NASA orbiter is "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter" (LRO).

"So, Vikram in Chandrayaan-2 mission has played the role that Moon Impact Probe (MIP) played in Chandrayaan-1 mission to provide the then breakthrough discovery of water molecules on Moon".

However, there is still no clarity on the exact condition of the Vikram Lander yet.

Ten days of silence have passed by since the space agency has been trying to establish contact with lander Vikram of Chandrayaan-2 after it lost connection moments away from Moon's surface at a distance of 2.1 km. He climbed with the Indian flag and refused to get down unless ISRO manages to "recover" the Vikram lander. It is unknown at what time will the orbiter perform the fly-by.

Vikram was scheduled to make soft landing on the far side of the moon on September 7.

It's been 10 days since Vikram stopped all communications and went radio silent on September 7. Tilley has also reported about the health of Chandrayaan 2 Orbiter which is now orbiting the moon around 100km from the surface.

India's bid to land unmanned spacecraft Chandrayaan 2 was highly recognised by the people of the country and across the globe. One wide angle camera and two black-and-white cameras will beam back images to Earth after the pass. NASA releases LRO images publicly with huge multi-terabyte data sets dropping every month at the Planetary Data System. Thanks to fuel that was saved during the trip to the Moon, the Indian Space Research Organisation was able to extend the orbiter's mission life from one year to seven years.

However, as time runs out on Vikram as the lunar night looms large from September 21-22 (the region will be in complete darkness for 14 earth days with temperatures dropping to as low as -150 degrees Celsius), ISRO scientists feel that Vikram has at least played a part in this mission, by scooping up a layer of lunar dust to expose it to the IIRS scrutiny.

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