New plane for Trudeau's trip to Edmonton after runway collision

CANADA: NDP denies reports of N.B defections

Canadian dollar lower after Trudeau calls Oct 21 election

The NDP's Jagmeet Singh is beginning his day in London, Ontario.

"We respect the decisions made by our professional public service, we respect the decision made by the clerk", Trudeau said in response to a followup question about where the buck stopped, if not with him. She precipitated a crisis for Trudeau's government last winter with allegations she had been inappropriately pressured by the prime minister, his office, other ministers and bureaucrats to end the criminal prosecution of Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavalin.

Canadians will head to the election polls on October 21.

The Conservative campaign will stick in the GTA Thursday, with a morning photo-op scheduled before Scheer begins preparations for a leaders' debate hosted by Macleans magazine Thursday evening.

On Twitter, most appeared to laugh it off, with one post suggesting that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was giddy that the "left wing was damaged" in the crash.

"Many young Canadians dream of owning their first home".

Scheer said he wasn't surprised Trudeau isn't going to show up, given the re-emergence of SNC-Lavalin in the headlines.

That's what leaders of the Conservative, NDP and Green parties are mulling over Thursday as they prepare for the first leaders debate of the federal election campaign tonight in Toronto.

CANADA: NDP denies reports of N.B defections
Justin Trudeau fires starting gun for Canada's general election

This election is nearly entirely about Trudeau.

Climate change and affordability are predicted to be key campaign issues.

"There's less belief now that Trudeau will do politics differently", said Paul Thomas, an emeritus political scientist at the University of Manitoba.

Nor is the election about trade - hardly anyone in Canada's politics expresses a view like President Trump's that weaponizes tariffs - though there is general unease that the U.S. Congress might not approve the successor agreement to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The rough day one for the Liberal campaign continued when Trudeau flew to Victoria, BC only to have the media bus drive into the plane on the tarmac, damaging the wing.

Scheer noted that part of the debate will be on the subject of foreign affairs, something he has been highly critical of Trudeau on.

Trudeau has been admired by liberals around the world for his progressive policies in the Trump era, with Canada accepting more refugees than the United States.

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