Ring Fit Adventure is the Nintendo Switch’s new fitness experience

Nintendo has a weird new Switch accessory

Probably best not to do on the train

Nintendo at its innovative best, Wii Fit kickstarted a video game fitness craze by combining new technology with a user-friendly and entertaining gameplay experience.

Nintendo teased a new accessory for its Switch console last week, now we know what it is.

The main Adventure mode for Ring Fit Adventure sets you on a journey to defeat Dragaux, a "giant, chiseled dragon with an ego to match his oversized muscles".

A bundle that includes Ring Fit Adventure, a Ring-Con and a Leg Strap will be available beginning October 18 for $80.

Speaking of the Ring-Con (below, right), it's a new peripheral that houses a Joy-Con in the top, so that it can sense how hard and fast you're.squeezing it. Attached to your left thigh is the Leg Strap, which measures things like running speed, squat movements and knee raises.

Ring Fit Adventure is the Nintendo Switch’s new fitness experience
Ring Fit Adventure is the Nintendo Switch’s new fitness experience

There are challenges for different fitness levels and body types, and Ring Fit Adventure can be tailored to different players' level of skill. As exergames go, Ring Fit Adventure seems fairly fleshed out.

You'll also need to defend against incoming attacks by pushing the Fit-Con against your tummy and activating your core.

Frictional Games has shadow-dropped the Amnesia Collection onto the Nintendo Switch today. Ring Fit Adventure tracks your daily workout routines and turns some of the more popular exercises into mini-games.

If you've ever enjoyed competing against friends for leaderboard supremacy with the Fitbit, then Ring Fit Adventure's competitive modes provide a little extra motivation. Perhaps not exactly how you planned to make people smile, but you did it. It looks like a lot more fun than your standard exercise game.

On Thursday, Nintendo released a seven-minute video about Ring Fit Adventure and the Ring Con.

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