Switch Lite Pros And Cons: Why Should You Get Nintendo's New Console?

Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch Lite Pros And Cons: Why Should You Get Nintendo's New Console?

The Nintendo Switch Lite loses some of the bits that make us love the current Switch. You'll still enjoy access to all the Switch titles, including Zelda and Mario Cart (without frens this time tho).

Pricing for the regular Nintendo Switch as well as the upgraded version with better battery life now sells for RM1299 in Malaysia.

The compact and lighter device feels better than its predecessor and generally is less clunky.

In fact, as the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't have the transforming, removable Joy-Con capabilities of the original Switch, you could conceivably leave the case attached at all times. It is not simply a smaller Switch model. The $329.95 Switch Lite loses the ability to output video to a TV or detach the controllers in exchange for a price tag that's $70 less.

While the Switch Lite is named after the now existing Switch console, it has a look and feel reminiscent of the 2DS handheld, GameSpot noted.

The Switch Lite has a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution. It also has a longer base battery life compared to the older Switch version, which means players can enjoy playing their games on the go for longer.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will land in South Africa on 20 September and will be available from a wide range of retailers nationwide.

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