The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Finally Getting Released

Samsung Electronics shares closed up 3.6 percent in Seoul

Samsung Electronics shares closed up 3.6 percent in Seoul

Despite warnings within the box as you open up the Galaxy Fold that asked you not to take off the screen protector, some reviewers who had the device did exactly that and damaged their handset in the process.

The report added that while blockchain apps on the Klaytn network are now available for non-Samsung phones via Google's Android system, only the Klaytn edition will support full-scale transactions on the Klaytn network.

The biggest visual change is to the top protective layer of the screen, which now extends the full width of the phone and is tucked underneath the raised bezel for the entirety of the screen. The hinges also get additional protection caps that prevent dust and particles from entering.

The space between the hinge and body has been reduced to guard against debris.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said his Galaxy Fold started operating abnormally after he removed the film and eventually became unusable.

The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch display that becomes a 4.6-inch screen when folded and is created to enhance multitasking experiences. When opened, it reveals a 7.3-inch display with an offset notch and a resolution of 1536 x 2152. And it still doesn't have a headphone jack. That puts it up against formidable smartphone competition, however Samsung's pitch for the Fold is that it defines its own new niche.

Samsung relaunched its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany on Thursday. It will go on sale in Britain, France and Germany in less than two weeks, with a US release also planned.

Samsung has announced an official release date for its much-delayed Galaxy Fold device. The phone can run three apps at once, thanks to app continuity feature that lets you seamlessly move between the tablet and the main display.

Of course, we'll reserve full judgement until we get our mitts on a Galaxy Fold to review thoroughly.

"We're excited to release this pioneering mobile technology, and allow consumers to experience it for themselves".

Granted, that could just be marketing fluff, but it sounds like the Premium Service won't be limited to the Galaxy Fold.

While it's an "affordable" phone it's still not going to be cheap at around $1,000. On the one hand, we loved it; it's new, it's different and it sort-of made us feel like there might be a future to this whole foldables thing.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Finally Getting Released