Turkey could set up the zone by itself in northern Syria

US delegation Turkish General Staff meeting concludes

Turkey could set up the zone by itself in northern Syria

Turkish and USA commanders held a meeting in Ankara on Tuesday on the safe zone in Syria and the discussion will continue at the joint operations center in Akcakale district of southern Sanliurfa province, Turkey's Minister of Defense said.

Speaking in Ankara, Cavusoglu said that the United States' approach to the agreement has been unsatisfactory and that the steps it has taken have only been "cosmetic".

Turkey has been pressing for the zone to keep the Syrian Kurdish fighters away from the border.

Their visit comes days after Turkish and USA troops conducted their first joint ground patrol of the "safe zone" that Ankara has been pressing for in the Kurdish-administered region. Ankara considers the fighters terrorists, claiming they are joined to a Kurdish insurgency within just Turkey's borders.

"We are speaking about an ally who can not act independently from the terror organization", Cavusoglu said, referring to the U.S.

The Syrian Kurdish fighters were the top USA allies in the war against the Islamic State group in Syria.

The safe zone is meant to create a buffer between Turkey and Syrian areas controlled by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

"Turkey's options are ready", Cavusoglu said.

"We are seeing that the United States is entering a stalling process. and that it is trying get Turkey accustomed to this stalling process". "To clear this region of terrorists is a matter of national security". USA troops on Saturday also conducted patrols with the local Syrian Kurdish-led forces, which annoyed Turkey.

Late last week, the Turkish president accused Europe of failing to fulfil its commitment to pay the agreed sum of 3 billion euros for the detention of refugees in Turkey.

A US military delegation concluded a meeting with the Turkish General Staff over a planned safe zone in Syria, according to the Turkish National Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Erdogan also said Turkey would act alone if the safe zone was not established by the end of September, a warning Cavusoglu repeated on Tuesday, 20 days before month's end. The depth of the zone, as very well as who will management it, is nonetheless getting labored out.

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