Xiaomi to launch wireless charging alliance to empower mobile life

Mi Charge Turbo 30W Wireless Charging Announced Will Debut With Xiaomi’s Mi 9 Pro 5G

Weibo Say goodbye to sluggish wireless charging

Announced this week by Xiaomi, it has a new wireless charger for its upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G, capable of 30W wireless charging. The wireless chargers have not been able to meet the users' expectation as they take a lot of time to fully charge a smartphone. Today, the company officially released the Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo which happens to offer 30W wireless charging.

Xiaomi had recently announced a 100W wired charging technology as well. In addition to this, Xiaomi also teased "one more thing" during the presentation, which is a 40W super wireless flash technology that is now in its testing phase and might roll out sometime later this year. This means that the wireless charging is even faster than its 27W wired charging technology. The latter peripheral automatically tracks and aligns its charging coils with the smartphone, ostensibly so users don't have to figure out when charging is taking place. It can charge a 4000mAh battery to half capacity within 25 minutes and 100% in an hour. Aside from the upcoming Mi Mix 4, here is a 30W wireless charging tech. There however was no mention of the phone coming with the charger or a separate purchase will be required. The first handset from Xiaomi to support this is going to be the Mi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi announced on Weibo.

The affordable smartphone manufacturer isn't stopping at 30W either, as it confirmed that it's begun testing 40W wireless charging too. The consortium was formed with a view to "further expand and integrate wireless charging into everyday life scenarios". It also said that to cut down on heat, it will be using "some kind of" cooling technology to keep the temperature low and prevent the device from heating.

Another interesting thing is the Reverse wireless charging.

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