Alec Baldwin Says He Was Scammed by Statue of Liberty Boat Tour

The Baldwins balked and didn’t board the bus “this is a scam,” Alec posted. Instead he got on what he called “the best ride in NY,” the SI ferry

Alec Baldwin Says He Was Scammed by Statue of Liberty Boat Tour

The Daily News reports the shuttle bus transports passengers from downtown ny to New Jersey, where they get on a boat that offers views of the Statue of Liberty.

Baldwin, who was alongside his wife with children in tow, bought tickets for the "boat tour" of the Statue of Liberty, the post said. Instead, "we are escorted to a shuttle bus", he writes, noting next their unexpected destination: "To New Jersey!"

"Tours R USA", the ticket read. "To New Jersey! I kid you not", he railed in the post, which include a shot of the tickets which cost $40 apiece.

He added: 'Take the SI Ferry.

De Blasio said Baldwin's online rant had nothing to do with the city announcing its latest crackdown.

According to the Daily News, scalpers for "Tours R Us" claim to be offering a one-hour tour for a vessel named the "Queen of Hearts", but it's actually a trip to the Garden State through the Holland Tunnel that never goes to the actual Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

In previous years, city and NYPD officials have launched various crackdowns against con artists peddling top-dollar tickets for ferry tours of Staten, Ellis and Liberty islands.

Alec Baldwin and his family were scammed by a fake tour operator as they planned a journey to see the Statue of Liberty over the weekend.

But, as The Post previously reported, access is permitted "at the discretion of the captain" - despite stringent safety rules put in place following the 2003 ferry crash that left 11 people dead.

Baldwin said he couldn't believe "two sharp, savvy NYers" - his wife is also a longtime New Yorker - fell for it.

As for the Baldwins, they ended up taking a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, which passes by the statue. Kids in tow. We buy the tickets for the "boat tour" of the Statue of Liberty.

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