Apex Legends Season 3 - Meltdown Battle Pass Overview Trailer

Lifeline Alt s3 Apex

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In any game like this, the addition of new maps greatly helps extend its lifespan, with Apex Legends being no different. With the new Season 3, also arrives a new Battle Pass.

In a recent press event, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella and Apex Legends design director Chad Grenier shared some important information about the latest update.

Season 3 of Apex Legends, Meltdown, has kicked off for players on PCs and consoles.

Shroud seemed to have no problem adapting to the new map, picking up multiple high kill wins as many have come to expect from the popular streamer. There's snow-capped hills and mountains on one side of the map, while the other area of the map featured rugged rocky place with unsafe molten lava. The new map also features multi-story buildings and towers.

World's Edge is set on the Planet Talos, and within seconds of dropping into action you are hit with new environments and climates to tackle and traverse, in your bid to become the Apex Champion. Additionally, the pass includes five new Legend skins alongside other weapon skins new weapon accessories.

Although many players enjoyed the open spaces of Kings Canyon, the Twitch star revealed that he was a fan of the new map's design while wrapping up his first stream on the new patch. This new sniper rifle is part of the standard loot pool. With the introduction of the new map, things should feel fast-paced.

Wraith will no longer be immune to damage from the Storm when using Phase. The brand new playable character focuses primarily on pinpointing the enemy's exact location using his drone.

Crypto's ultimate ability utilises his prized drone, too.

Unfortunately, Crypto's drone has one huge drawback. This means that Crypto's teammates will need to defend him.

Everything special about Crypto revolves around that drone, including his other abilities. Without his drone, Crypto is simply useless for the team. The EMP blast can destroy traps and walls. It can also damage shields and even slow down players. Following on from the game's previous addition of Wattson, we now have Crypto.

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