Britain's Johnson faces cabinet revolt over no-deal Brexit

Sources German chancellor Angela Merkel is said to have made clear that an agreement was now ‘overwhelmingly unlikely

Sources German chancellor Angela Merkel is said to have made clear that an agreement was now ‘overwhelmingly unlikely

Responding to the briefing about the phone call, Michael Gove said: "I take this opportunity at this despatch box to entirely disassociate myself from any sort of racist or demeaning language towards Germany - they are our friends, our allies, they are a great country".

A deal needs to be reached and approved in next week's European Council summit.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar echoed Merkel's words saying that it will be hard to establish a deal by next week.

"This government will not negotiate further so any delay would be totally pointless", the source was quoted as saying.

Scotland's top civil court is attributable to rule Wednesday whether or now not somebody else - perhaps a capture - could signal an extension seek recordsdata from if Johnson fails to notice parliament's expose to hunt recordsdata from for one if there's restful no deal by October 19.

"By allowing Northern Ireland to take the decision on whether they want to stay in the European Union or not, the market has taken this news positively as it will be a major step towards a breakthrough in the Brexit deadlock", said Lee Hardman, a currency strategist at MUFG based in London.

Reports from the BBC and Sky said Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, claimed the demand meant a deal was "essentially impossible". "His strategy from day one has been no-deal Brexit", he said.

"For the United Kingdom to be asked to leave a part of its sovereign territory in a foreign organisation of which the UK would no longer be a part and over which we would have no say whatsoever is beyond insane".

We believe it is still too early to call the death of the current round of Brexit negotiations, and while we expect Sterling to remain volatile, the currency should ultimately remain contained until such a time as negotiations are either officially ended or succeed. European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said "the EU position has not changed".

To cut short, a Brexit deal continues to look like a long shot at this point and that has put some pressure on the pound recently.

"It's not just about trade, it's about so much more than that, and anybody who understands Ireland and the politics of this island understands that", said Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney.

Riding a wave of British frustrations with the saga, Johnson is threatening to hurry away at any imprint - with or with out a withdrawal deal - on October 31.

Despite the grim mood music, British officials insisted they still hope to strike a deal before Britain's scheduled October 31 departure date - although Johnson has also said the United Kingdom will leave even if one is not struck.

While the Irish Government and the European Union were working to get an agreement, he said they were not prepared to do a deal "at any cost". We want a deal. "Merkel said the PM should tell Northern Ireland it must stay in full alignment forever but that even this would not eliminate customs issues".

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