Deer crashes through window of Long Island hair salon

Provided by CBS Local a division of CBS Radio Inc

Provided by CBS Local a division of CBS Radio Inc

Moments later the deer is heard coming back toward the front of the salon as it knocks down hair products along the way.

People inside the "" hair salon in Long Island got quite a surprise when a horned deer came crashing through the salon window.

"In my mind, I'm thinking the worst, that a auto just drove into a salon", she said.

The deer jumps over a waiting customer on the coach near the window, kicking her in the process, before heading further inside. I just can't believe this happened especially on a busy road.

The deer spent less than 30 seconds inside before it ran back out, but according to Edward Preuss, the man getting a haircut in the surveillance video, the time it did spend inside was "crazy". It was knocking over all of her equipment.

Moments later, outside the window, a deer is seen running full speed toward the salon after dodging a auto along Portion Road.

A deer burst into a NY hair salon through a glass window.

CNN affiliate WABC reported the woman the deer landed on was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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