Early General Election in Britain Gives The Public Another Vote On Brexit

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and Shadow Chancellor John Mc Donnell on stage during an anti Brexit rally in Parliament Square in London after it was announced that the Letwin amendment which seeks to avoid a no-deal Brexit on October 31 was

Brexit Delayed Again As EU Agrees ‘Flextension’; MPs Set To Vote On UK General Election

LONDON (AP) - After months of stalemate in Parliament, Britain appeared on course Tuesday for an early general election that could break the country's political deadlock over Brexit.

Both major parties face a fight on at least three fronts: the hardline Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage will seek to poach Brexit voters while the Liberal Democrats will seek to win over opponents of Brexit.

A newly elected parliament would have a "new mandate to deliver on the will of people and get Brexit done", he said.

"We will now launch the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change that our country has ever seen", Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said.

Brexit looks set to rumble on as news broke this morning that the European Union has agreed to a "flextension" that will see the United Kingdom given an extended deadline of January 31 2020 to complete the process.

The prime minister is planning to go back to MPs again on Tuesday, conceding ground to opposition MPs by agreeing to drop key Brexit legislation ahead of the election.

Naeem Aslam, an analyst at ThinkMarkets, said: "Bulls have finally escaped the selling pressure and pushed sterling higher on the back of the news that Labour is finally backing the elections".

"The choice at this election could not be clearer", Corbyn said in a statement that did not mention Brexit.

Hoyle did accept the defeated amendment by Labour MP Cat Smith wanting to change the date of the election from Johnson's preferred December 12 to December 9. The party argued the earlier date would mean more students could vote because universities would not have begun their Christmas holidays.

Boris Johnson hopes to hold the poll on Thursday 12 December, with the SNP and Liberal Democrats vying for the election to be held just three days earlier, December 09. Efforts by Opposition MPs to lower the voting age to 16 and also allow European Union nationals to take part had earlier failed as the changes were not selected for debate by the Deputy Speaker.

The exact date is still unclear; Johnson will table a bill calling for a December 12 polling day, but could see it amended by opposition parties which are leaning towards a vote earlier in the same week.

What is the government's plan?

Johnson confirmed before tabling the bill that the new Parliament will sit for the first time before Christmas, giving it a few weeks to deal with the political fallout of the election before Britain's new exit date of January 31.

He said that unless there was an election, the government would be "like Charlie Brown, endlessly running up to kick the ball only to have Parliament whisk it away".

Former Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has announced that he will not be standing at the upcoming general election. Parliament's unelected upper chamber, the House of Lords, would then need to scrutinize it, but do not have the power to block it.

The DUP has upheld the Conservative party through the confidence and supply agreement since June 2017 when Theresa May's government lost its majority in a snap general election.

For the SNP, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said an election was an opportunity for Scotland to hold another independence referendum.

He told MPs: "We will not allow this paralysis to continue and one way or another we must proceed straight to an election".

As he has previously, the prime minister on Tuesday excoriated lawmakers for boxing him in with an earlier measure to prevent Britain from "crashing out" of the European Union without a withdrawal agreement, a scenario that would likely cause enormous economic upheaval and possibly tip the country into a recession.

"The EU27 has formally adopted the extension. Please make the best use of this time", Tusk wrote on Twitter.

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