Google Maps Adds New Feature To Help Visually Impaired People

The staff kitchen in Google's Tokyo office overlooking the Tokyo Tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato. The view of Tokyo's skyline is visible outside of the window where an employee is leaning against a pillar gazing outside. There are

Google Maps Adds New Feature To Help Visually Impaired People

According to the blog post from Google, voice assistance is now compatible with iOS and Android and works only in English in the USA and Japanese in Japan.

As you can see from the above video, this is not merely a way for the visually impaired to get walking directions - Google is empowering visually impaired people to have their freedom and independence.

Functions corresponding to Google Maps assist information us, and with the brand new characteristic they may also assist individuals who have imaginative and prescient issues. But this same trip for a blind or visually impaired person could be a completely different journey, and even a risky one - this is why Google has introduced "Voice Guidance" in its Maps app.

For those of you in the US and Japan, Detailed Voice Guidance rolls out from today on Android and iOS.

Initially, detailed voice guidance will be available for U.S. users in English and in Japanese for Japan.

Google updated its app with more detailed voice guidance and new verbal announcements for walking trips. It's simple to recollect the best way to these locations that you're used to go each day, however going to new locations is extraordinarily hard with out eyes to information you. Maps will tell the user things like how far away the next turn is, which direction they are walking, and when they are approaching intersections. "And if I accidentally leave my route, I'll get a spoken notification that I'm being re-routed", said Sugiyama in the blog post.

"With detailed voice guidance in Google maps, my journey fades into the background and I can focus more on what I'll do at my final destination", Suglyama said. They will be adding languages and countries later on.

Google announced the feature on World Sight Day.

You can toggle the feature on by going to the settings in Google Maps, selecting "Navigation" and selecting 'Detailed Voice Guidance'.

Sugiyama added that users without visual impairments can also benefit from the option of having a more screen-free experience during a walking trip.

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