Hazza Al-Mansoori returns to Earth after historic UAE space mission

NASA Astronaut Nick Hague, Crewmates Return Safely from International Space Station

NASA astronaut Nick Hague returns home after more than 3,000 orbits around the Earth

The Expedition 60 crew Hague and Ovchinin joined the ISS on March 14 this year, accompanied by NASA astronaut Christina Koch.

The capsule carrying Nick Hague, Alexey Ovchinin and Hazzaa al-Mansoori touched down on the steppe in Kazakhstan in Central Asia at 3:59 p.m. local time (1059 GMT), the impact sending a cloud of dust into the sky. While Hague was taken to Houston in Texas, United States on a helicopter, Ovchinin and AlMansoori were taken to Star City Russia.

Hague completed his second trip to space and landed in Kazakhstan along with Soyuz commander Alexey Ovchinin from Russian Federation and United Arab Emirates astronaut Hazzaa Ali Almansoori.

Hague and Ovchinin are completing a 203-day mission aboard the lab while Mansoori's two crewmates from the September 25 launch - Russia's Oleg Skripochka and NASA's Jessica Meir - will stay on as part of a six-member team.

During time aboard the International Space Station, Hague did three spacewalks adding up to 19 hours and 56 minutes.

Koch remains aboard the orbiting laboratory for an extended mission that will provide researchers the opportunity to observe effects of long-duration spaceflight on a woman, in preparation for human missions to the Moon and Mars.

The former military pilot, the first Arab to have traveled to the International Space Station, will return home to a hero's welcome as his flight last month was widely celebrated across the country, and Dubai's tallest skyscraper was lit up to mark the launch.

The United Arab Emirates' first astronaut, Hazza Al-Mansoori, is returning to Earth on Thursday after spending eight days in space.

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