How Does Fred Andrews Die On 'Riverdale'? Find Out Here

Riverdale season 4 premieres tonight on The CW. Watch “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” at 8/7 c. The episode hits Netflix (Non-US) on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Luke Perry is remembered as a "hero" in the memorial 'Riverdale' episode - 10-Oct-2019 - NZ Entertainment news

The Riverdale season 4 premiere is titled "Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam", and it is a tribute to Luke Perry and his character Fred Andrews in the series.

For our other characters, Archie will clearly be dealing with the death of his father throughout the season, and rest of the series. It's still very much permeating Archie's story. "It felt like that's a way Fred could've gone". Explaining she was broken down and Fred was helping her with her tire when a vehicle came speeding around the corner. "He's always wanted to follow in Fred's footsteps, but now feels that burden even more so".

He then told a story about how Fred bought a bunch of fireworks to set off in the backyard one year when the 4th of July fireworks show got rained out.

"We sent her the script, and she said, 'I'd love to be a part of this, '" Aguirre-Sacasa said, adding that the episode "is a meditation on what Fred meant to the town of Riverdale and what Luke meant to the cast and crew - and the audience that grew up watching '90210′ and the audience that watches 'Riverdale'". And when we were working on the episode, we know that there would be some characters outside of our cast of characters that would be involved. "Like you could really tell that when they spoke highly of Fred and the things he's done how they just really respected and loved Luke. They were both such wonderful human beings that we wanted to really, really craft an emotional and deep tribute to him, which is what I hope this episode is". He's the greatest man I've ever known. "Thankful for this opportunity to honor Luke & Fred".

"Riverdale" shed its campy, neo-noir skin in honoring the actor and his character, instead adopting a more earnest tone to highlight the qualities that defined Fred.

Note: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday night's episode of "Riverdale." . "But Mary's doing great and I'd really be anxious for Archie if not for Mary".

Lili Reinhart shares emotional memories of Luke Perry with Riverdale fans.

In the Season 4 premiere, Betty stands alone at his grave, which is covered in trash and been defaced with spray-painted words: "The Black Hood burns in Hell". A tribute to our fallen friend.

Skeet Ulrich, who plays Jughead's father, shared a pic of "Perry's favorite hat" that the late actor left on Ulrich's "kitchen counter a week before he passed".

The actress also shared photos after a press day in NY, where the cast, including Luke, wandered around the city together, stopping for ice cream and enjoying each other's company, before his tragic passing.

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