Pennsylvania groom charged with sexually assaulting bridesmaid before wedding

The wedding went on as planned

The wedding went on as planned

Daniel Carney, 28, is charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of an unconscious person and indecent assault at the Smithfield resort August 30. The victim explained that she remembers being led away from the water and woke up to Carney biting her and forcefully grabbing her in the downstairs men's locker room at the hotel, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A friend of the couple told the station that the couple still got married. When the wedding group arrived at their destination, the Shawnee Inn at the village of Shawnee on DE, she was unable to stand on her own, the affidavit says.

The alleged crime reportedly stopped when the bride-to-be entered the room, saw what was happening and started a physical fight with the man.

Three pictures, confirmed by a neighbor, show Daniel Carney and his now-wife, clearly as a happy couple. And he admitted to leading her into the locker room.

Another bridesmaid helped the woman out of the locker room, according to police.

"The victim stated she felt extremely violated and upset, and made a decision to see if there was any surveillance footage", police said. By that point multiple different narratives had emerged about the incident - Carney had begun telling others that she had "followed him" into the locker room, court documents say.

The day of the marriage, Carney texted and apologized once more, asking "can we just be as happy as possible" for the bride, the grievance states.

Surveillance footage exhibits him pulling the unsteady lady to the lodge's males's locker room - the place he assaulted her, cops mentioned. I'm as happy as ever to marry [bride's name redacted] and I know this is awful as well but my d- was out in the shower. He later told a state trooper he was extremely drunk and felt she had "taken advantage" of him. "Please tell me yes I'm begging you".

He has been charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of an unconscious person and indecent assault. His lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment late Sunday night.

"He stated that they did not have actual sex, but repeatedly told her he was sorry, specifically repeating that it was all his fault", the affidavit states.

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