Popeyes Reveals Return Date Of New Chicken Sandwich: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Popeyes is bringing back its viral chicken sandwich on Sunday

Popeyes is bringing back its viral chicken sandwich on Sunday

But that's been squared away, and now Popeyes is ready to get to business, having hired 400 new employees, "with at least two new staff members per franchise dedicated specifically to meeting the expected chicken sandwich demand". It turns out, no, the chain never planned to pull The Sandwich from stores as some sort of nefarious marketing stunt (though the marketing team did work overtime in the interim). Email feedback and questions to EatItVirginia@gmail.com.

If you missed the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019, well, you've got another opportunity to try the sandwich that launched it all.

This summer, the debate raged over which sandwich is better. "Word traveled fast when our fans experienced the delicious sandwich firsthand and couldn't wait to tell the world".

Popeyes' chicken sandwich is making a cluckback. The chain made the announcement in a video that took a jab at rival Chick-fil-A, which is famously closed Sundays in keeping with its founder's Christian faith. Before rolling it out nationally, Popeyes referred to the sandwich as its "biggest product launch in the last 30 years."In September, after the product ran out, Popeyes capitalized on the attention with a new "bring your own bun" promotion, which encouraged customers to build their own version of the sandwich in restaurants". Though Chick-fil-A didn't take the bait, Wendy's jumped in -- sparking a Twitter battle that delighted onlookers.

Popeyes debuted the sandwich in August to rave reviews.

In promotional material for the sandwich, the Louisiana-based chain pointedly notes that it is open on Sundays.

The news of the chicken sandwich's return comes on the heels of the Popeyes parent Restaurant Brands' third quarter earnings results before the bell Monday.

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