Robert Downey Jr. Appreciates Martin Scorsese’s ‘Different Perspective’ on Marvel Movies

Robert Downey Jr. wearing a suit and tie

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"I don't see them", Scorsese, 76, responded. When the venerated director was asked if he'd watched any movies from the mega-franchise, he said, "I tried, you know? But that's not cinema".

Talking to Empire, he persevered, saying: "Honestly, the closest I'm in a position to think them, as properly made as they're, with actors doing basically the most fantastic they are going to below the cases, is theme parks".

"It isn't the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being", he added.

During the course of the Stern interview, Downey Jr. was asked about Martin Scorsese's recent comments on superhero movies.

"I think the reason [Friends] still continues to be popular is that the thesis was that you don't need a romantic partner if your friends are everything".

"I'll tell you the truth, I didn " t expect (MCU) to become what it became and it is this very large, multi-headed Hydra at this point.

The Iron Man actor would then tell Stern, "According to Scorsese it's not cinema". It'll be a hot second before he gets the good news (or bad, depending on how you look at it). You know this. You are in therapy.

Downey isn't the only Marvel Cinematic Universe actors to comment on Scorsese's thoughts. I mean it plays in theatres.

"It'd be like saying Howard Stern isn't radio". Referencing King makes sense I suppose - the guy is supposed to be a comedian - but the way it's shoehorned in here highlights Phillips' grab-bag approach.

In a recent interview, the Friends star said Marvel movies are diminishing the film industry.

"I would say this, and I'm not countering Mr. Scorsese", he continued.

Aniston acknowledged that the movie business has "changed so much", and she misses the days of films starring Meg Ryan.

However, what shocked a lot of people was the absence of Robert Downey Jr's name.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the Internet to rebuke Scorsese's comments, while some of Marvel's cast and crew - namely Karen Gillan and James Gunn - also voiced their support of all things Marvel.

While director Todd Phillips is getting all the plaudits for the new Joker movie, in a parallel timeline they may have gone Martin Scorsese's way instead. Scorsese's 1988 drama follows Jesus Christ (Willem Dafoe) as he struggles to overcome various temptations, including lust, fear, and doubt, and wrestles with his spiritual obligations.

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