VDH confirms death associated with vaping

Factbox Vaping-related illness causes 12 U.S. deaths- CDC

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Patient ages fall between 15 to 65 years old. Two additional cases are under investigation.

The researchers behind the report explain that the lung injuries reported after use of e-cigarettes have been found after use of THC related products and nicotine containing products. NJDOH categorizes cases based on CDC case definitions.

Among the other changes that Murphy is calling for include barring the online sale of e-cigarettes and vaping supplies as well as increasing penalties for retailers who knowingly sell to underage buyers.

More information about the investigation is available on the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/lunginjury. The CDC continues to suggest that people consider not using e-cigarettes at all, especially ones that contain THC.

In Canada, a Quebec resident has been diagnosed as the country's first case of a severe vaping-related breathing illness.

We wholly agree with the governor's action, which we see as rightly focused on protecting children while continuing to monitor national trends and developments related to vaping. The death that was not accounted for in the CDC update was a second fatality in OR, as reported by local news media. The images and analysis showed injuries to their lungs resembling toxic chemical burns.

The New Jersey Department of Health says that a northern New Jersey woman died in August from complications from a lung disease associated with vaping. With so much unknown at this time, we believe this strong but balanced approach will allow Rhode Island to best protect its citizens. "No one knows what's in them when they are coming right off the street". She said, "We do not know yet what exactly is making people sick". The CDC has said that no single product has been tied to all injuries. He added that their team was attempting to identify the drugs that were common in all the cases of the lung injuries. The CDC said 16% of patients said they only vaped nicotine and not THC.

Most of the cases are among adolescents and young adults. Of those who were hospitalized, half required treatment in an intensive care unit. Authorities did not release her name.

Earlier this year, reports of mysterious illnesses and deaths linked to vaping prompted investigations and media coverage of the problem. Second, despite not having consistency in product or brand names, the vast majority of products used were prepackaged, pre-filled cartridges. Some patients have had so much trouble breathing that they wind up on oxygen, and in extreme cases are placed on a mechanical ventilator. It can't, however, confirm that only those patients who used THC fell ill.

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