Ariana Grande Takes a Tumble During Concert - See Her Reaction

Ariana Grande Falls Off Stage During Concert: 'Things Were Going Too Well'

Ariana Grande Falls Onstage During Florida Concert: 'Things Were Going Too Well'

At least we can all laugh about it.

While Ari starred on Nickelodeon, she had to dye her hair red.

Paige Niemann, a 14-year-old TikTok user, is the pop singer's spitting image, and in recent days, a video of Niemann doing an impression of Grande has gone viral - so much so that Grande herself has responded to it. She couldn't possibly top that... could she?

One moment the Thank You, Next singer was onstage, killing it with her catwalk strut, wearing her over-the-knee platform boots with a stiletto heel while performing her second song of the evening at her Tampa, Florida, concert on November 24. Being a seasoned pro, Ariana hit every step with confidence, but she suddenly lost her footing and took a tumble.

Thankfully, Ariana fell straight into the arms of a back-up dancer who caught her and spun her round.

"Oh my", Ariana Grande tweeted with the video afterward.

However, she took to Twitter, where the video also made its way, to suggest that she was not a big fan of the choice of character to lipsync to.

Ariana finally seems to be in good spirts and health. It's a vast difference from her dead straight, butt length hair she is always rocking. It's been 87 shows and I haven't fallen yet, so it had to happen. Ari recently revealed she had been suffering with a sinus condition, which forced to cancel her show in Lexington, Kentucky. I will keep you posted as soon as I know what is going on with my body.

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