Baby Yoda Gifs reinstated after Star Wars takedown confusion

Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration

Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration | Gerardo Mora Getty Images for Disney

Viral animated images of a new Star Wars character, nicknamed Baby Yoda, are back online after a brief ban.

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm only after making The Mandalorian's cast and crew equally obsessed with the adorable little alien, but now some have noticed a bit of a similarity between the young, mysterious space critter and the young, mysterious pet critters of the Gremlins franchise.

Disney had faced criticism after news site The Vulture had reported that its own Baby Yoda posts had been removed for "copyright reasons", adding that "Disney decided that Gifs of this attractive being should be removed from the internet!"

Parrot Analytics also reports the "Star Wars" series is the "most in-demand streaming series of the year" after one week of release, proving that viewers just can't get enough of "baby Yoda". Baby Yoda apparel and accessories will be available through Amazon, Target, Macy's, Kohl's, Hot Topic, Box Lunch and Zazzle, CNBC reported last week.

Preorders for Baby Yoda toys and a plush will begin in the coming weeks, with no details on where they'll be sold as yet.

Officially known as "The Child", the character, popularly known as "Baby Yoda", was so beloved and accepted by the Mandalorian Spectators that Vulture published an article with dozens of Cuddly GIFs. We don't know what we'd do if anything happened to Baby Yoda.

"Last week, there was some confusion around certain content uploaded to Giphy and we temporarily removed these GIFs while we reviewed the situation", the company said in a statement to BBC News.

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