Daniel Cameron wins Kentucky attorney general race in historic victory

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear along with lieutenant governor candidate Jacqueline Coleman acknowledge supporters at the Kentucky Democratic Party election night watch event Nov. 5 2019 in Louisville Ky

Matt Bevin, Kentucky's Trump-loving governor, loses to Democrat Andy Beshear in closely-watched race

He said the results would hold and that it was time to move forward.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the Democrats have seized full control over the legislature, taking over both Virginia's Senate and the House of Delegates.

Here are a few takeaways from a night of balloting just under a year from the 2020 national election.

In many ways Bevin was an anomaly, but this argument misses a larger point: the election may have been about as clear cut of a rejection of Trump and Trumpism in a deeply Republican state that we have ever witnessed.

Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC, the organization's state political arm, spent more than $1 million on the election, knocking on 68,000 doors to support candidates that supported abortion access.

In short, he was a Donald Trump-style candidate a year before Donald Trump won the presidency.

Mark Smith, a supporter of Gov. Matt Bevin, waits for the election results at the governor's election-night watch party in Louisville.

Bevin had supported controversial changes to the state's Medicaid programs, which include work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

Despite sinking popularity in opinion polls, he contended that he would win a comfortable re-election.

A hotly contested governor's race in Kentucky remained too close to call on Tuesday night, with the Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear, declaring victory and the Republican incumbent, Matt Bevin, refusing to concede.

The only poll showing Beshear with a lead was conducted by Targoz Research, a Nashville organization that offered to conduct the polling for $2,750 - a pittance compared to the resources most surveys require.

Democrats are celebrating the increased turnout, as Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear, who holds a 0.4-percentage-point lead with all precincts reporting, appears poised to oust Bevin.

Scarborough said Tuesday was "devastating" for Trump's presidency and he went on a heated monologue slamming Trump for causing Bevin to lose after hosting a rally in Kentucky. "You can't let that happen to me!".

The president wasn't wrong.

"Republicans can not run away from the fact that a Donald Trump-backed candidate probably lost - he has not conceded yet but probably lost - the governorship in a state that President Trump won, again, by 30 points".

Two years ago, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender candidate to win election a state legislature seat.

In other words, Virginia - which was once comfortably Republican and recently had been considered a swing state - is solidly Democratic blue.

Democrats there will now be able to draw legislative district lines for the coming decade that consolidate their power, and pass new gun-control restrictions and minimum-wage laws, our correspondent adds.

It didn't. Instead the trend in Virginia that started in 2017 continued through 2019.

Responding to the results, Scarborough tweeted: "Donald Trump has gutted Republican support in suburbs".

In 2013 and 2014 in Virginia, Republicans Ken Cuccinelli and Ed Gillespie lost tight races for governor and USA senator in which the Libertarian made the difference between their loss and the victories of Democrats Terry McAuliffe and Mark Warner.

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