Jim Jordan appointed to Intelligence Committee ahead of impeachment hearings

He said Jordan has been "on the front lines in the fight for fairness and truth".

As for Crawford, he'll get his seat on Intelligence back after the impeachment proceedings conclude, McCarthy said, calling the Arkansas Republican "an exemplary member". "The typically venerable Intelligence Committee has now become the partisan Impeachment Committee".

In recent weeks Jordan has been a near-constant attendee at closed-door depositions of witnesses, talking frequently to reporters afterward and defending the president on television. Along with millions of Americans across the country who are frustrated with this impeachment-obsessed majority, Rick has offered to step aside for this charade.

Jordan is the top Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.

But the resolution passed by the House last week specifically says that Schiff would have the final say over which witnesses the GOP could call, with Democrats saying they wanted to prevent sideshows and grandstanding, while the Republicans want to be able to rebut key witnesses.

Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch Trump ally and leading Republican opponent of the inquiry, said Thursday that Republicans intend to subpoena the whistleblower to testify in public.

The other big question McCarthy's announcement did not address is whether Jordan's investigative counsel on Oversight, Steve Castor, who asked most of the questions for Republicans during the depositions, will also temporarily be moved to the Intelligence Committee.

Republicans are temporarily moving aside a current member of the panel to make space for the OH lawmaker on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, in an unusual move that heralded the seriousness of the situation for Trump and his party.

The whistleblower filed a complaint over the July 25 phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he expressed a desire to have Ukraine investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, his son.

The first impeachment hearings in the "open phase" of the inquiry are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday of next week, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said. Trump has denied wrongdoing.

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