Mobile 5G network to launch December 6

T-Mobile in talks with Sprint on merger does not rule out lower price

T-Mobile CEO John Legere speaks about his company's merger with Sprint during an interview on CNBC on the floor of the NYSE in New York CityMore

"First responders are under more pressure than ever before".

When, and if, it launches its 5G network on December 6th, T-Mobile will offer a new $15 per month prepaid 5G plan to customers.

T-Mobile calls this program "Connecting Heroes Initiative" and touts it as a part of the "5G for Good" plan.

The "Connecting Heroes" program is meant to give first responders (such as police, firefighters and medical workers) free access to the carrier's 5G network for ten years. This difference means T-Mobile's network might have slightly slower speeds, but it might also be better at penetrating buildings and tree cover compared to Verizon and AT&T's 5G networks.

T-Mobile is green-lighting its 5G network in the United States just in time for the holidays. The company pledged to offer free services to all first responders in the U.S. and 10 million low-income families, as well as introduce a new low-cost prepaid brand to allay concerns about reduced competition on the low end of the market.

Its "Project 10Million" is created to help low-income families gain internet access.

"This is something we could never do if the merger doesn't happen", Sievert added.

The company also launched its lowest-cost plan yet. The $15 plan is for anyone, but comes with just 2 gigabytes of data per month. That's compared to their $30 a month plan that requires four lines, which is T-Mobile's next lowest cost plan.

The FCC formally approved the $26.5 billion Sprint merger earlier this week. It's only being held up now by a lawsuit brought by a group of state attorneys general who want to block the deal, but the company is hoping efforts like these can build up some additional support for the deal. "Specifically, T-Mobile and Sprint have committed within three years to deploy 5G service to cover 97% of the American people, and within six years to reach 99% of all Americans". "(The T-Mobile Sprint merger) is exactly the type of merger that the Justice Department and the Commission have discouraged and rejected in the past: "one that would harm competition and result in higher prices and poorer service, particularly for the most vulnerable consumers". This suit is due to start on December 9, and expected to last two to three weeks.

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