Trump wades again into United Kingdom politics, tells Johnson, Farage to unite

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is embarking on a general election campaign ahead of a December vote

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is embarking on a general election campaign ahead of a December vote

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared his main rival to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin on Wednesday as he prepared to officially launch the governing Conservative Party's campaign for the December 12 election.

The outcome of the vote is hard to predict, with the immediate question of Britain's exit from the European Union scrambling voters' traditional loyalties and giving smaller rivals a chance to challenge the two biggest parties, Johnson's Conservatives and the left-of-centre Labour Party.

Boris Johnson has urged voters to "come with us" as he launched the Conservative Party election campaign.

Johnson said in front of 10 Downing Street that the Queen has agreed to dissolve the parliament - a natural process before any general election.

But he praised them for securing the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, telling them: "We have achieved something that people thought we really could not do, and that was get a new deal - a great new deal - on our Brexit from the European Union".

"If I come back with a working majority, I will get Parliament working again", he said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn abandoned some five million Labour Leavers in the heartlands when he backed a second referendum in July, with a study pointing to more Labour Leavers turning to the Brexit Party than the Tories. Most top members in the party oppose Brexit and have said they would campaign to remain in the bloc.

Following a major speech on Brexit, the Labour leader was asked about Farage targeting Labour Leave votes in the upcoming election and what Labour could do to reassure people in Leave-voting seats.

Cairns resigned as Boris Johnson's Wales Secretary amid claims that he was aware of the role his former aide played in a rape case that was "sabotaged" a year ago.

At the start of the campaign, Johnson's Conservatives enjoy a lead over the opposition Labor Party of between 7 and 17 percentage points, though pollsters warn that their models are wilting beside the Brexit furnace.

The Conservative campaign has had a bumpy start.

"No prime minister wants an early election, especially not in December", he will say, according to advance extracts of his speech. "This House can not any longer keep this country hostage", he said.

A decision by Farage to stand Brexit Party candidates in all United Kingdom constituencies has raised concern among Conservatives that the pro-Brexit vote will be split.

Mr Cairns' resignation followed calls for another cabinet minister - Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg - to quit over controversial remarks on the Grenfell Tower fire where he said victims should have used "common sense" and ignored fire service guidance not to leave the burning tower.

The kulaks were wealthier farmers that the Soviet dictator killed by the thousands during his reign of terror in the 1930s.

"For months you have refused to say what sort of "deal" you want with the EU".

They include former Chancellor Philip Hammond, who said it was not a decision he had "taken lightly".

ICM's first poll of the election campaign put the Conservatives on 38% and Labour on 31%.

A number of senior Labour figures have referred to as for the get together to oppose Brexit altogether, nervous it may lose votes to an explicitly pro-European third get together, the Liberal Democrats.

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