Xi Says He Has ‘High Degree of Trust’ in Hong Kong’s Lam

The Xinhua News Agency office in Wan Chai was vandalised

The Xinhua News Agency office in Wan Chai was vandalised

"Those Hong Kong residents whose lives have been disrupted by the intensifying violence of intimidation - instigated and organized by those hoping to use Hong Kong as a means to destabilize the nation - will be glad when life returns to normal", the newspaper said.

Tear gas accidentally aimed at a fire truck on Saturday had been meant to disperse rioters, police said.

Police said they arrested the assailant as well as two men who attacked him.

Similarly, this weekend, protesters attacked the Xinhua news agency's offices in Hong Kong, which Xinhua described in an official statement as "barbaric".

Rising prices will come as bad news for Hong Kong's younger generation, many of whom have been struggling to get on the property ladder. It was believed that the two of them have met to discuss the Hong Kong protests and rumours started that the Chinese President was not happy with Lam's handling.

Hong Kong barrister Anson Wong said Lam still has a lot of discretionary power over how she achieves those things, however.

"The police suddenly rushed in".

"I think the central government should remove the chief executive and other accountable officials. reshuffle the Executive Council (ExCo), restart political reforms and meet citizen demands, including dealing with police violence", she said.

Hong Kong police said on Monday that they had arrested 325 people over illegal and violent acts between November 1 and November 3, while 12 police officers were injured during the operations.

A pro-democracy Hong Kong politician was violently attacked and left in critical condition as protests against Chinese authoritarianism turned violent again over the weekend.

"Rioters' destructive acts serve no other goal than to vent their anger at grievances real and imagined", said Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung on Monday.

He called for more dialogue and efforts to improve people's livelihoods in one of the world's most expensive cities. Lam provoked further anger by invoking emergency powers to ban masks at rallies.

After hearing Lam's report on the recent situation in Hong Kong, Xi said the disturbances in Hong Kong have lasted five months.

"Her performance has proven to be near disastrous and she has lost the confidence of Beijing".

But the plan has also sparked concerns over China's growing influence over the territory.

Many protesters are angry that Beijing is slowly infringing on the freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong when the former British colony returned to Chinese control in 1997.

Police condemned the "rioters' violent and vandalistic acts" and vowed measures to uphold public safety.

It will also flawless the system under which the party has full jurisdictional power over Hong Kong, in accordance with the constitution, Xinhua said.

Protesters have frequently targeted Chinese banks and businesses.

Dickson Sing, associate social sciences professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said Beijing is taking a pragmatic view.

The five points include the decision to "perfect" the system for appointing and replacing the leaders and other principal officials in the two Special Administrative Regions, as well as the resolution to establish a sound legal system and enforcement mechanism in the two SARs to safeguard national security and support the SARs in strengthening their law enforcement capabilities.

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