Caitlyn Jenner Spills the Tea on Family Drama

Khloe Kardashian Bruce Jenner Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in 2007

Khloe Kardashian Bruce Jenner Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in 2007

She opened up about her gender transformation and kids in the recent episode of British reality show 'I'm a Celebrity.Get Me Out Of Here!' in which she is one of the participants.

I'm A Celeb's Caitlyn Jenner has been criticised after opening up about her strained relationship with former step-daughter Khloe Kardashian.

And whereas the vast majority of her well-known household have been supportive, Caitlyn revealed that Khloe was "p**ed off" all through her transition - however she is not positive what her "points" are.

Jenner added that "it's sad" her daughters (she also shares 24-year-old Kendall Jenner with Kris) have grown up needing protection.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.

Caitlyn told her fellow contestants that her children were the first to know about her plans.

Caitlyn, 70, has been using the show as a platform to discuss her family life, recently dropping various bombshells. "It's bcus caitlyn completely disregarded the Kardashians after her change, and then chat so much sh** about Kris#ImACeleb". Khloe replies: 'I said we don't care what you're doing... we want to be there and lend a hand you nonetheless we don't assume that entails you speaking negatively about my mum.

She insisted that the pair would never do Morgan's show again, saying: "You have shown your true colours".

'So for sure we felt just like the final to perceive in teach that change into tough for us, especially me'.

'Bit unfair of Caitlyn to call Khloe out like that without admitting what she said about Khloe's mother in her book, ' another added.

"Everywhere. I bet you Kylie will spend anywhere between $300-$400,000 dollars a month on security, everywhere she goes".

She explained: "I trained 12 years for the games". Get Me Out Of Here! I raised her since she was 5 years outdated.

Considering the whole coming out conversation Thursday stemmed from questions about American Thanksgiving, it brings light to an issue many LGBTQ+ people face-the pain of enduring (or missing) the holidays with a family who doesn't fully accept them.

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