Global student strikes look to pressure United Nations climate summit

Global climate protests start in smoky Sydney | Article

Sydney, Tokyo and New Delhi protest climate emergency

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Sunday that the world's efforts to stop climate change have been "utterly inadequate" so far and there is a danger global warming could pass the "point of no return".

The UN chief welcomed the fact many states had pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050 but said the world's largest economies had a particularly important role in meeting that goal.

Whether he is fighting to get polluters to pay to clean up Superfund sites or trying to stem the tide of rising sea levels, Pallone stands in diametric opposition to President Donald Trump on several key environmental matters - not the least of which is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the heart of the Paris Climate Accord.

The annual United Nations climate conference is taking place in Madrid, after violent social unrest in Chile forced a last-minute change of venue to Spain.

Guterres said the Canadian, due to leave the bank on January 31, was "a remarkable pioneer in pushing the financial sector to work on climate".

The landmark Paris Agreement, which sets out a framework to combat climate change and limit global warming to below 2C, was signed by 195 countries after negotiations at COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

Despite the growing public concern over climate change, which saw millions of people take to the streets in September to demand urgent action on the crisis as part of the school strike movement, few new climate plans are expected. Political will to stop subsidies on fossil fuels. Political will to shift taxation from revenue to carbon.

The release of the data came as firefighters continued to battle more than 150 blazes still alight across the country that has left more than 5 million people residing in Sydney struggling under hazardous air pollution that has lingered for much of the last week.

Friday's climate strike is the fourth in Portugal and one of thousands taking place in 2,300 cities in 153 countries around the world, according to Friday For Future's estimates.

USA pullout of climate accord The United States last month began to officially withdraw from the climate agreement, after President Donald Trump announced he would pull out.

However Guterres said he wanted to send a message of "hope and not despair".

Guterres also announced that outgoing Bank of England governor Mark Carney will become his new special envoy on "climate action and climate finance" from next year. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading a delegation of Democratic lawmakers to the talks.

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