Jerry Jones: 'Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL' in 2020

Chicago vs. Dallas Which Cowboys player would you want on the Bears

Chicago vs. Dallas Which Cowboys player would you want on the Bears

No matter what happens before the end of the season, no matter what happens to the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones will face intense questions about Jason Garrett. They'll certainly need a lot of help getting there.

"You may say a man that's been teaching 10 years ought to have a Tremendous Bowl", Jones advised Dallas radio station 105.three The Fan in his common look. Jason actually is one in all them.

"Nobody has the exclusive skills to get the job done so that collectively you can win a Super Bowl", Jones said.

That was compounded by a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Bills at home.

"If I were leaving training camp today, I'd like to have this run that I've got right now, four games to get to the playoffs, as healthy as we are", Jones said.

For now, though, Jones seems set on letting Garrett finish the season.

"I know Jason very well".

"I look at our team with our skills and at other teams with their skills, and nothing in my head appeals to me that we cannot play well enough to bring it home", said Jones. "... Nobody wants Jason to leave, and I'll tell you right now, he also has my back".

As explained ad nauseam, it makes sense to retain Garrett while Dallas is still competitive, hanging onto a narrow lead atop the NFC East. And Jones has faith that Garrett and the Cowboys' talented roster can get it done.

Garrett can earn himself a little rope, professionally-speaking, by "leading" the Cowboys to a victory in Thursday's road matchup at Chicago, an opportunity to rise above.500 while proving correct his boss's assertion that he's qualified to hold this job.

Garrett sees the writing on the wall but chooses to look away.

Does Garrett feel like he's fighting for his football life over the final month of the regular season? He knows this team better than anybody. Conjecture in regards to the coach's standing amplified following the proprietor's criticism of Dallas' Nov. 24 loss to the New England Patriots, in which Jones said the Cowboys were outcoached and the reason they lost was "glaring".

Jones appeared at 105.3 The Fan to share his opinion. "It's always my approach when I was involved in a player or coach activity in this league".

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