Leaders gossip about Trump during North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit

World leaders caught on tape, apparently mocking US President Donald Trump

EU Leaders Appear to Be Caught Talking About Trump in Viral Video

During a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, Trump was asked about Trudeau's comments, to which the US president responded: "He's two-faced". "But you know the truth is that I called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2 per cent, and I guess he's not very happy about it".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace reception apparently criticizing President Donald Trump.

He only called Trudeau "two-faced" before shrugging Trudeau off as "a very nice guy" who was hurt after Trump correctly called him and Canada out for being lightweights when it comes to defence spending.

Trudeau appears to mock Trump, though he never mentions him by name, saying "he was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top every time".

Earlier, Trump started the session with Johnson and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at The Grove hotel in Watford before participating in a photo session with each of the other 28 NATO leaders at the summit. Later in the day, the president held a separate bilateral meeting with Trudeau, during which the president engaged with the press seated next to the Canadian prime minister for a half-hour.

Trump was referring to his criticism of Canada's defense spending, which lags behind the United States as a share of gross domestic product.

Asked whether Turkey is committed to protecting Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, Trump said yes. I think he very definitely [is] playing hardball to get them to pay up. and using the leverage we have.

"We had a great meeting yesterday [Tuesday] between me and the President", he said, speaking after the summit concluded. On social media and the cable news networks, Republicans reminded anyone who would listen that, when he's travelling outside the United States, Trump represents all America and that America's allies at least ought to have a little respect for the office. "I think President Trump is an isolationist, I think he has concerns about Article Five", he said, referring to a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation principle that an attack on one ally is viewed as an attack on all.

The U.S. president also previously attacked Trudeau following the G7 summit in Quebec City in June 2018, describing the latter as "so meek and mild" amid a trade row over Canadian dairy and American tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

"I spoke to Italy and they look like they are not going to go forward with that".

But, despite having been only too happy to talk to the press for the two days of the meetings, he abruptly canceled this scheduled appearance.

Nato, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, started out in 1949 with just 12 countries as members but having now expanded to a bloc of 29, it is increasingly hard for the alliance to project a united front.

"It's pretty clear when you watch it, it is obvious they're talking about him", MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski said on Wednesday morning. "That was amusing when I said the guy's two-faced, you know that".

Mr Macron then speaks and gestures animatedly, but his words are barely audible. In his speech, the French leader managed to combine the persistent NATO's desire to paint Russian Federation as an eternal "threat" and "menace" for the alliance with his own repeated calls for a "constructive" dialogue with Moscow.

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