Sen. Kamala Harris drops out of the presidential race

Sen. Kamala Harris ending her presidential bid

Kamala Harris drops out of Democratic 2020 presidential race

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Harris dropped out of the race on Tuesday - a move that followed abysmal poll numbers and mounting reports of internal turmoil within her campaign.

Despite this, Harris surged to near-front-runner status after a clash with Joe Biden in the June debate.

Harris had struggled financially in recent months as her online fundraising slowed and her large donors increasingly turned away from her campaign.

"Bad look, Democrats", she added.

She told supporters in an email Tuesday that she lacked the money needed to fully finance a competitive campaign.

Harris often suggested it was criticism she faced in her other campaigns - all of which she won. Harris' fellow Californian Richard Nixon is perhaps the greatest success story on that front, going from presidential runner-up to gubernatorial loser to leader of the free world during an eight-year span.

She tweeted today saying, "to my supporters, it is with deep regret-but also with deep gratitude-that I am suspending my campaign today".

Antjuan Seawright, an African-American Democratic strategist in SC, praised Harris for "highlighting the tremendous role that African-American women play when they are on the stage and not in the seats". For progressives, however, it was an uncomfortable fit.

The decision comes just weeks before the deadline for candidates to withdraw from the primary ballot in Sen. But efforts to steal the spotlight can also cause long term damage.

Sen. Harris had been struggling to gain traction in the race for months.

Her entire candidacy, and those who believed it had legs, was a misreading of the Democratic electorate for the start.

Harris was San Francisco's district attorney from 2004 until she was elected California's attorney general in 2010 and was the first woman of color to hold both positions. "And that little girl was me". Here's everything you need to know about 2020's newest contender! "We have to act swiftly". There is still time for minority candidates such as Sen.

"But I want to be clear with you", she wrote, "I am still very much in this fight". She was notably hit by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) in the July debate, and the attack appeared to have an effect. However, Harris failed to find support and sustain the momentum like the other two.

But Harris' departure this early before the Iowa caucuses was unexpected, especially considering she had already qualified for the December debate stage, something a number of candidates still in the race had yet to do.

Regular frustrations with conversations about electability led Harris's defenders to argue that she was the most prepared candidate to defeat Trump. Harris' sudden ending of her bid: The financial situation inside the campaign was more dire than widely known. In a November letter obtained by the New York Times, Harris's director of operations Kelly Mehlenbacher described her frustrations. Steyer, 62, has been running since the summer and has spent tens of millions during his campaign. "With less than 90 days until Iowa we still do not have a real plan to win".

Harris has never lost an election.

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