Sundar Pichai becomes CEO of Alphabet, Google's parent company

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Source Android Central

The two co-founders said that Google has since "evolved and matured" beyond a simple search engine, with the company providing popular consumer services such as Maps, Photos and YouTube, as well as its own Made by Google devices.

But Page and Brin, once regular sights at public events and at Google headquarters, are now seen much less often. "I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Larry and Sergey in our new roles", Pichai, 47, said in a press release. Indeed, it can't even be considered an end at all as the two men promised to "remain actively involved" with the company in their roles as board members and, most importantly, as shareholders with unmatched power to shape Alphabet's future. He will manage the investments of Alphabet and be accountable to lead Google. They will continue to be involved in the tech giant as shareholders and board members.

Sundar Pichai the current CEO of Google is one of the most influential and highest salaried persons on earth.

Pichai also offered up a statement, noting that as CEO of Alphabet and Google, "this transition won't affect the Alphabet structure or the work we do day to day".

The departure two years ago of executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who had helped the company maintain ties in Washington, has also left a hole.

Before today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were CEO and President of Alphabet - now that job goes to the CEO of Google.

Alphabet Inc.'s new chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai will have the hot seat all to himself as regulators around the world investigate the company, United States politicians demand that it be broken up, and President Donald Trump accuses it of aiding his rivals.

"In addition, we plan to continue talking with Sundar regularly, especially on topics we're passionate about!" they said in the announcement. He is widely credited for leading the development of Google's Chrome browser.

Back in 2015, Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought about a major change in the company's structure.

Their exit from the executive suite is the biggest change at the top of a USA technology powerhouse since Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive of Apple shortly before he died from cancer in 2011, or when Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, stood down as chief executive in 2000. "This process of continuous evolution - which the founders often refer to as "uncomfortably exciting" - is part of who we are".

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