The Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor

Samsung Galaxy S11+ CAD-based render- Samsung Galaxy S11+ here's what could be wrong with those renders

Samsung Galaxy S11+ CAD-based render

This sensor has been developed through Samsung and Xiaomi's collaboration and it promises 4-in-1 pixel-binned 27-megapixel photos with heaps of detail.

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 series will be capable of delivering powerful night scene algorithm to enhance night shots and video shot at nighttime similar to what TCL Mobile already has with their TCL Plex smartphone camera.

A new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite leak has surfaced online which hints that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite will come with a 32MP selfie and a 12MP wide-angle camera. Samsung also kept the 3.5mm headphone jack on all versions of the S10, while Apple has phased out this once-standard feature in order to optimize performance.

While Samsung has had great success with its Galaxy S lineup, it's been the opposite with its Fold device despite its unique features.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 ought to have an excellent camera if it wants to compete with the iPhones and the Pixels and the Mates of the world. It's not mentioned which smartphones will get "Bright Night" but surely the flagship will have it. But this time around, it may be a hardware one as the company reportedly plans to include a whole new sensor for low light photography. However, we haven't yet heard anything official regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite from Samsung.

That said, the new camera sensor can be expected to appear in a host of future Samsung devices not limited to smartphones. Exynos chipset will be present in the worldwide variant of the device. It will be able to pull off video recording at a whopping 8K resolution while its sensors are able to pull off space zoom with 100x digital zoom.

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