Will Apple include AirPods in the iPhone 12? We don't believe it

Apple is looking to include Airpods With 2020 iPhones

Apple is looking to include Airpods With 2020 iPhones

Several analysts acknowledge the fact that the AirPods were key drivers in Apple's sales growth in the fourth quarter of the year.

A number of network providers now offer AirPods in bundle deals when you buy an iPhone, although no others do so for free.

While this theory may seem uncertain for now, Apple might feel it's time to include something more futuristic with its iPhones than EarPods.

The news come as part of a larger paywalled report titled "Taiwan chipmakers optimistic about demand for TWS [True Wireless Stereo] earbuds in 2020".

"TWS" or "truly wireless" earbuds of course include Apple's AirPods, but also competing earphones like Samsung's Galaxy Buds, and it's easy to see how rival Samsung might try to get a leg up on Apple by including those, which are otherwise considerably less popular than AirPods. They're powered by Apple's new H1 chip, which delivers faster pairing with Apple devices. According to the news Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi new model phone plans to give the phone with wireless headsets.

Apple has reportedly set a high bar for its 2020 iPhone shipments. It's the early-2019 AirPods with a standard charging case, and they're worth £159. This means that the earphones should cost even lesser for the company to manufacture. The Apple Store saw the delivery date slip past the Christmas milestone, reflecting the growing demand for Apple's most popular wearable, but the AirPods are intermittently available at other retailers. However, the idea that Apple would not make such a move when we consider the price of the current AirPods is immediately in our minds.

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