Crew Dragon faces its last big test before human spaceflight on Saturday

SpaceX to detonate a Falcon 9 rocket moments after launch

SpaceX Makes Final Preparation Before Crew Dragon Emergency Test

The company has already tested launch pad aborts and parachutes. The brief static fire test is part of the standard prelaunch procedure and is one of the key milestones before the actual liftoff.

The capsule measures about 20 feet tall by 12 feet in diameter, and will carry up to 7 astronauts at a time. The Crew Dragon capsule will be mounted on a Falcon 9 rocket for the launch test.

SpaceX has yet another resupply mission utilizing its first-technology Dragon spacecraft design earlier than transitioning to the corporate's upgraded Dragon 2 auto, which can have two variants tailor-made for crew and cargo flights to the area station.

The main goal of Crew Dragon spaceships is ferrying astronauts from NASA to the International Space Station, but before that can happen, SpaceX must somehow prove that, in case of an extreme rocket failure that might result in an explosion, the capsule can keep astronauts safe.

If all goes to plan, the Crew Dragon spacecraft will turn out totally fine. The first stage of the Falcon 9 provides the boost at liftoff, and the second stage fires up its own engine to blast Crew Dragon more than 16,000 miles per hour - fast enough to enter Earth's orbit. The corporation launched the first Starliner spacecraft december 20 on an uncrewed take a look at flight to the house station; however, Starliner suffered a mission clock error that prevented it from reaching the orbiting lab. Engineers trust the test finishes in a fiery explosion for the Falcon 9, as it would consume any remaining fuel before the rocket arrives in the ocean.

If Crew Dragon successfully completes its test, the capsule will be cleared for launching astronauts but also eventually clear the way for civilian space tourism.

NASA has asked the private sector to develop a crew-worthy spacecraft to replace the space shuttle program after its retirement in 2011.

"Prior to launch, SpaceX and NASA teams will practice launch day end-to-end operations with NASA astronauts, including final spacecraft inspections and side hatch closeout", NASA officials said in a statement. Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will be involved in the first manned test, which could take place as soon as later this year.

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