In Huawei Battle, China Threatens Germany 'The place it Hurts': Automakers

UK's BT, Vodafone may seek PM Johnson's support for Huawei

Minister: Germany needs China's Huawei to build 5G network

Germany's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has warned that if the Chinese tech supplier Huawei is excluded from the country's 5G rollout project, it could be stalled for as long as five or even ten years.

The interior minister added that no German company is now in a position to build the network and that there are only two firms in Europe that could possibly do so. At the same time, Seehofer noted that Germany does not want to block the Chinese telecommunications giant from the market in general, as the United States and several other allies do because of its alleged ties with the Chinese government, while he went on to lambast "global and general trade restrictions". "I am against global and general trade restrictions", he said, adding that he fully agrees with Chancellor Angela Merkel on the matter.

Seehofer told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Germany could put additional safety nets in place to ensure the security of the system, although he did not mention what those measures could be.

"Then you have to intervene". "Ought to you take care of Huawei you additionally want to settle for that you just would possibly perchance presumably also very successfully be going by the Chinese Communist Birthday celebration". "We have to secure protection against espionage and sabotage", he concluded.

Yet when it comes to updating telecommunication networks to 5G, some countries are considering doing effectively that with Huawei, a Chinese state-directed company with a history of alleged intellectual property theft and enabling the spread of digital authoritarianism.

A group of national security-focused U.S. Senators have introduced legislation encouraging and supporting U.S. innovation in the race for 5G and pledging over $1 billion in appropriations intended for investment in Western-based network equipment alternatives to existing Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei Technologies Company Ltd. and ZTE Corp. But the strength of 5G is that the core and periphery of a network are one and the same, meaning that giving Huawei any access poses a tremendous risk.

Past year also Trump administration banned many companies who were found selling components and technology to Huawei and 68 other related companies suspecting security threats. British and American officials are meeting as U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government prepares to decide on whether there's a future for Chinese equipment maker Huawei in the country's next-generation telecom networks, his spokesman said Monday, Jan. 13, 2020.

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