Iron Man Could Come Back to the MCU, Says Robert Downey, Jr

Rami Malek reveals he thought he was pranked by a fake Robert Downey Jr.

‘Ellen’ Guest Host Robert Downey Jr. Chats To Rami Malek, Surprises Young Fan Whose Life Was Changed By ‘Iron Man’

54, filled in as a guest host for Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he sat down for an interview with Malek, his costar in the upcoming movie Dolittle.

"I got to the point where I thought it couldn't be anyone but you", Malek explained.

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. This friendship has continued, you came to visit me on set, I couldn't believe that'. "It's hard to project", Downey Jr. said.

The context: Downey Jr. returned as Tony Stark through archive footage in "Spider-Man: Far From Home", which took place after his death.

Robert Downey Jr. surprised a young fan whose life was drastically changed when he was presented with an Irom Man helmet.

When the actor who faced Tony Stark In the early stages of Marvel he speaks of "greener pastures", refers to the recent premiere of the film The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle.

Malek also lends his voice to the gorilla Chee-Chee in Dolittle, where Downey Jr. stars as the title character who can talk to animals.

Vincent was hugely astounded to meet with the Avengers star and said on the show that autism intercepts his thought process and he is unable to express himself right this moment, but Downey's Marvel roles inspired him excessively. Of course, this usually goes through a number of agents and whatnot, but when RDJ calls you, it's like, "Yeah, sure, I'll come do it"'. "I've always had other interests, and according to Scorsese, it's not cinema so I have to take a look at that, you know?"

"I have a big crush on you", Malek told the Marvel star.

'All of these roles from Chaplin to Dolittle now, Iron Man. "And likewise, you understand, we don't wish to go too lengthy with out an especially troublesome undertaking to do collectively, whether or not it's a film or a child".

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