Justin Bieber's "Yummy" misses first place thanks to Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch Selfie Clip

Justin Bieber Asked Fans to Manipulate Music Charts By Using VPNs to Get 'Yummy' to No. 1

Taking a be taught about to rep his triumphant comeback, Justin Bieber and his team kicked the promotion of his original single "Yummy" into overdrive, hoping to rep the song at #1 on the Billboard Sizzling 100 chart.

VPNs are Virtual Private Networks, and here the privacy includes the ability to hide IP addresses.

It comes after the singer begrudgingly offered his congratulations to rapper Roddy Ricch, who beat the Sorry singer to the top spot with his single The Box.

Other stars have gotten into hot water with Billboard for worldwide fans streaming under VPNs.

The most coveted place in music right now?

Before You Go: Both "Yummy" and "The Box" competed over the past few days for the top spot.

Instructions included to stream the song on repeat on Bieber's website and on iTunes; as well as to create playlists consisting exclusively of "Yummy" and letting it play at low volume during the night. Some of them liked it very much, but others thought it was his worst song and the most stupid love song! Don't mute it! Play it at a low volume. Let it play while you sleep. If you are not from the U.S. you can download a VNP app.

See screenshots of the deleted post, below. So far, neither Bieber, nor representatives of himself or Billboard, have issued a response.

A number of the moves utilized here are entirely expected from an artist like Bieber, such as joining TikTok and launching an official "Yummy" game.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber performing on stage in Telia Parken Stadium in Copenhagen in 2016. Tickets aren't available yet, but you'll probably be able to find them here.

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