Max Rose backs Mike Bloomberg, who donated to his 2018 opponent

Democratic Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a rally Friday Jan. 10 2020 in Atlanta. (AP

Bloomberg has spent over $200m in presidential campaign

NBC News reported on January 10 that regardless of its plans for a possible nomination loss, "Bloomberg is in the running to win it". He figured it was too late to mount serious campaigns in the first four voting states - Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and SC - so he's skipping them entirely to focus on the 14 states that vote on Super Tuesday, including delegate-rich Texas and California, when about a third of Democratic delegates will be awarded.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is skipping the early primaries for the Democratic presidential nomination in favor of concentrating on the delegate-rich states coming up in March and beyond, said Monday the primary calendar should be altered "to protect democracy from Republicans".

In a statement on Saturday, Sanders campaign senior adviser Jeff Weaver said it was "appalling" that Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry, a Biden supporter, had attempted to defend Biden's 2002 vote as a USA senator for the use of force in Iraq. "W$3 hat about African-American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, and other voters in places like Detroit, Montgomery, Phoenix, and Houston?"

Real the full op-ed here.

"If he spent less time in boardrooms courting CEOs, he would witness the incredible energy generated by Bernie's campaign, which has more than 5 million individual donations - the all-time record for a presidential candidate at this point in the race", Casca told Politico. "You would lead with Wisconsin, with MI, with Pennsylvania, end with North Carolina or Florida". And we need a system that both better reflects our country and puts us in a better position to defeat a candidate like Donald Trump.

The media mogul is using his personal fortune to quickly build a national campaign since joining the presidential race in November, months after several Democratic rivals started campaigning.

"I'm not Bernie Sanders ... or Elizabeth Warren and yelling and screaming with 25,000 people in front of me".

However, Sanders still trails Joe Biden nationally, according to RealClearPolitics. "Right now, if the election is held in Wisconsin today, any Democrat loses to Donald Trump, according to the polls".

Sanders, who opposes military interventions and has warned that Trump is leading the United States to war with Iran, has criticized Biden for supporting the Iraq war.

Trump's re-election campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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